A Whirlwind Two Weeks

The last two weeks have been a travel whirlwind.  It all began with a trek up to the Bay Area for Thanksgiving.  My original flight was delayed so I hopped on an earlier flight that was also delayed but ended up leaving a little earlier than my original.  By the way, the new Terminal 3 at LAS has its own parking and everything so make sure you don’t make my mistake and park and unload at Terminal 1 only to be damned to the shuttle bus between the two.

I spent Thanksgiving with my folks at their place in Inverness.  It was great to spend time with family (my grandparents joined us for Thanksgiving dinner and some art browsing the next day).  However, I slept on an air mattress that went flat the first three nights and the tiny one bedroom house was filled with some big time snorers, dogs, and an infant.  Restful, the trip to Thanksgiving was not.

I came back to Las Vegas that Saturday and got stuck on the highway between Vegas and Pahrump because of a car accident.  Once they finally let some cars go they had us actually drive into the dirt ditch on the side of the road, bypass the accident and get back onto the actual highway.  It was a grueling wait.  The next morning, I got up and dumped out my Thanksgiving bags only to pack some for a work meeting in Carson City.  I swung by work to do some paperwork and then it was back to the airport.  My flight from Las Vegas to Reno was on time Sunday.  Upon my arrival, I picked up my state car (a prius).  I stayed at my friend Travis’s house, which was great because I got to spend time with some friends.  After excellent dinner at Sushi Pier I stopped by Silver Peak for a few brews before heading off to sleep.  Unfortunately for my respiratory system, my friend recently adopted two kittens, which is cute but I’m allergic so breathing at night was not so easy. 

My meeting consisted of reviewing grant application and having discussions about Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.  We ended a bit early the first day so I was able to catch up with some of my old coworkers at the Legislative Counsel Bureau.  Tuesday I went from my meeting to the airport and hopped on an early flight home.  This time the pass between Vegas and Pahrump was clear.

At 5AM my alarm went off.  I emptied and packed yet another bag and slogged to the office.  After transferring my stuff from my Mini to my regular state car and hit the road to Tonopah.  I got stuck behind some huge metal rings on the way up which added about 20 minutes to the drive (they took up the whole damn highway).  A few quick court appearances at Tonopah Justice Court and some office work out of the way, I headed to the Mizpah.  I crashed for the night and then had some other investigative business to take care of up north.  I rolled into the office parking lot on Thursday evening at about 6:30.

I managed to mechanically work through Friday completely exhausted.  This weekend, I worked on getting some clothes washed, my shaggy hair trimmed, and ensuring actual food and drinks joined the lonely vodka, beer and cheese that occupied my fridge for the crazy two weeks of travel.

It may sound crazy but I’m quite excited to just have a mostly (a quick up and back trip to Tonopah is required Tuesday) normal week at the office and home.


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